Annual Fit

Annual Retül Fit – The service that every rider needs for their body on the bike every year.  A lot can change in a year, and that includes your bike fit!  Our fitter will re-assess your body, goals and injury history, and fine tune your fit to again support your body perfectly on the bike.

Have you changed jobs?  Gained or lost weight?  Run a marathon? Had a baby?  These are just some things that can affect your bike fit.  In fact, just about everything can, and will, affect your bike fit.   Have you ever jumped on your bike, that felt perfect yesterday, but feels “wrong” today?

Our Fit Specialist will perform the pre-fit assessment and interview process with you to document and understand the changes that have occurred.  That information will guide the support decisions and final position that the fitter creates for you on the bike.   There is no guess work; our Fit Specialist can make informed support decisions based on your body and goals on the bike.

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