Learn About Your Body On The Bike

Retül Fit was created with the partnership of Dr. Andy Pruitt and Specialized Bicycle Components in 2005. Dr. Pruitt has over 30 years of bike fitting experience, and is considered the leading expert in his field. Using that vast fitting knowledge and experience, Dr. Pruitt designed the Retül Fit process.  The human body is extremely adaptable, and will adapt to a poor position on the bike. Unfortunately, this can ultimately end in injury, discomfort and loss of power. Using the Retül Fit method, our fitter will be able to optimize the position on the bike, protecting your body from injury, and creating the most comfort and power.  The fitter will concentrate on the bike touch points – handlebars, saddle and pedal/shoe interface. Let’s break this down:


When the handlebars are the right shape and in the right spot, your entire body will be able to relax into the bike. If the handlebars are in the wrong place, you are forced to hold your upper body up with your arms locked out. This could result in numb hands, a very sore neck or shoulders, or even a sore low back.

Your fitter will also make sure that your levers are also in the perfect position.  Think what it would feel like if someone were to shake your hand with your wrist bent in an awkward position.  You do not want to experience that on your bike!


The saddle is the “soul” of your bike. Saddle problems don’t just affect the parts of the body sitting on it, but can affect the entire body! Think what would happen to your body if you were to sit crooked for hours at a time, weeks and years on end. This is exactly what can happen on the bike if you are sitting on the wrong saddle. Think back to the concept of the body adapting to a poor position on the bike, ultimately causing pain and injury. This is what we want to avoid, and can measure your sit bones to ensure that you are sitting on the correct width saddle to properly support your pelvis.

Through the Retül Fit process, our Fit Specialist can help you find a saddle with the right shape, padding, cut out and other benefits so you will be properly supported.  Being properly supported on your saddle will ensure that you have good lower extremity alignment, which will protect you from injury and make you faster and more efficient on your bike!


The other crucial piece of good lower extremity alignment (cycling biomechanics) is proper support at the foot/pedal interface. Let’s start inside the shoe – think what could happen to your knees if they are constantly collapsing under load. Stopping the collapse of your arch with arch support, your knees are protected from repetitive injury. With less collapse comes more efficiency. Every pedal stroke will be biomechanically more efficient, creating more power. Adding arch support is also just more comfortable! Our Fit Specialist will be able to measure your arch height and recommend the right amount of arch support. You may require additional support in the shoe, or support under the shoe; and our Fit Specialist will be able to recommend support that is right for you.

Cleats (clipless pedal systems)must be positioned correctly on your shoes to protect you from injury. Our Fit Specialist is trained to make sure your cleats are positioned to replicate what you look like off the bike…on the bike.

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